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March 2012



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Mar. 3rd, 2012

Master Fic List

I will no longer be updating any of my stories here on LJ, and they have all been moved over to FF.net, along with a few others that haven't been uploaded here. To read them, you can either go straight to my FF profile, or click on the individual links below: 


  • Here In Your Arms - Quinn has a cancelled class and returns to find Rachel in the shower. They have yet to venture into shower sex, so she decides to sneak in and join her.
  • Noche de Sexo - Rachel walks in on Quinn enjoying a musical guilty pleasure and gets immensely turned on by it. She then manages to get Quinn to sing dirty things to her using a quick Spanish tongue, pun intended.
  • Stealing Other People's Toys - After having Finn break up with her, yet again, Quinn seeks her revenge and comes up with "big plans for New York" that involve none other than Rachel Berry.
  • Innocent Touch - Some Faberry couch snuggling... and maybe -read: definitely- a little somethin' somethin' as well.
  • Instrument - Instruments are to be played and, Quinn Fabray? Well. She knows how to play.
  • It's All Coming Back to Me Now - An awkward moment between Rachel and Quinn, with a little bit of Santana in the end. For Kabensi's birthday. 
  • Heavy in Your Chest - Quinn needs to feel something, anything. Some angst, some lovin'. Based on Demi Lovato's "For the Love of a Daughter"
  • Oh, Let's Go Back to the Start - She doesn't know what else to say for the time being, and so she does the one thing that never fails her. She sings.

Multi-Chapter (complete):

  • Exploration Verse - It starts when Quinn spouts out one of her fantasies, and Rachel complies. But, of course, Quinn has to return the favor, no? Essentially, this is a laundry list of kinks for any, and all, interested.
  • The Shirt - Quinn thought that the week was going to be like any other... until she saw what Rachel was wearing.
  • You're All I Wanted - Future fic with many flashbacks interlaced. Quinn faces her past heartache and must decide whether or not she should move on while Rachel must make a choice to either chase after what she truly wants or let it slip away once more.
  • Body Verse - Quick one-shots that focus on Quinn and Rachel sexually exploring various body parts.
  • It's All That I Have Left - Rachel and Quinn are kind of friends now, huh? What happens when Rachel needs Quinn to know that she wants more? Can Quinn handle that?

Multi-Chapter (Work in Progress):

  • Wonderstruck - "I'll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you." Quinn has taken to keeping journals. Today, she starts number twenty. Her first topic of writing? The lovely brunette that she hasn't met yet. How will their story play out? Future/AU
  • I Could Corrupt You (a.ka. Vamp!Quinn) - Rachel has always been told that she is too uptight and that she needed to go out and live a little. They would never have guessed that her idea of "living a little" involved, well, someone who wasn't alive. 
  • Drinks, Ink, and Kinks - They say that drunk words are sober thoughts, but what does that make drunk tattoos?
  • This Love Is Ours - A series of one-shot ficlets, each inspired by a different Taylor Swift song. Some may be angsty, others hopeful, and the rest, well, we'll see.